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You’re invited to join summer skincamp!

Join Rachel Varga on a journey to learn everything you-need-to-know about Summer Skin Optimization in ONE EASY PLACE.

Let me teach you how to get the healthy and radiant skin, hair and nails you desire while still enjoying the beautiful sunshine and great outdoors! Summer SkinCamp is designed to teach you CLEAN & ADVANCED strategies and tutorials for optimizing your summer at-home and in-clinic skin care routines and rejuvenation options, skin care, hair care, and last but not least cruise through summer with glassy and radiant skin while mitigating sun damage – the smart way!

When? July and August with the BONUS LIVE Dermal Rolling Demo for the Face and Body  with Advanced DF Mobile Protocols for Early birds and VIP’S!

VIP’s receive 15% off of all skin care, dermal rollers, hair care, make up, supplements and collagen stimulating devices during the program – as well as priority communication!

What’s included and what are you going to learn?

    • Weekly LIVE Q&A calls with Rachel Varga
    • Priority email support between calls with ULTRA priority for VIP’s!
    • Unfiltered opinions on skin care and treatments that you won’t hear anywhere else
    • All lessons are recorded for easy viewing on-the-go if you can’t make the Saturday Morning (PST) LIVE Lessons and Q&A!
    • Learn about the best face and body products for glassy, smooth and safely sun kissed skin!
    • All calls will be recorded and saved into the Private Summer SkinCamp Facebook Group (if you don’t have FB don’t worry you can still join in!).
    • Q&A on your current skin care practices to get you ready for the next seasonal change into Summer!
    • Q&A on at-home skin rejuvenation options like face AND BODY Dermal Rolling, Laser Rejuvenation, Red Light Therapy, Biohacking and much MUCH more!
    • Q&A on some of the some of the best “backed by research” in-clinic skin rejuvenation options to get your skin clearer – just in time for summer!
    • Q&A on what is worth spending your hard earned time and money on and learn which GIMMICKS to avoid that Rachel doesn’t share anywhere else!
    • GET clearer SKIN and learn about incredible anti-aging options that you will use for the rest of your LIFE!
    • Early Bird Registration is $299 Bonus: Week 5 LIVE and interactive Dermal Rolling Demo!
    • Regular Registration is $444
    • VIP Registration is $555 Bonuses: BONUS LIVE Dermal Rolling Demo with Advanced DF Mobile Protocols and 15% off skin care and product orders during the SkinCamp program! (This is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your roller depth, get the gold roller (my fave) and add my body protocol and body dermal roller at 15% off!)
    • Rachel ALWAYS throws in extra bonuses during her SkinCamp’s so let’s get started!

Join Rachel Varga and the AMAZING Summer SkinCamp Community and get the healthy skin you desire!


“Thanks for all the skin help Rachel!”

“So, if you like Super Human, Rachel is one of those people who knows everything there is to know about making your skin and your body look ridiculously young.”



“I highly recommend this woman!”

“She is of the utmost integrity and you know I always look for heart centered people because I know they’re going to put their best foot forward.”



“We need more humans like Rachel Varga
who lead from the heart and aren’t afraid
to innovate to serve others.”

“Rachel is one of the first to combine the beauty and biohacking worlds together by connecting the dots between data points as a clinician while using innovative technologies that track and promote rejuvenation on the inside and outside.”



Early Birds


Summer SkinCamp is a journey to kick your skin health into high gear

Register before August 5!

GET clearer SKIN and learn about incredible anti-aging options that you will use for the rest of your LIFE!

Early Birds get access to my LIVE and interactive BONUS Dermal Rolling Demo – worth it’s weight in GOLD!

All the VIP Magic


Summer SkinCamp is a journey to kick your skin health into high gear

VIP Limited Registration!

GET clearer SKIN and learn about incredible anti-aging options that you will use for the rest of your LIFE!

VIP’s get 15% off during the entire Summer season and access to my BONUS and interactive Dermal Rolling Demo with Advanced DF Mobile Protocol – worth it’s weight in GOLD and yes I use my gold roller!

Regular Admission


Summer SkinCamp is a journey to kick your skin health into high gear

Last year’s Summer SkinCamp was the highlight of my week and I can’t wait to take it again! I was so impressed with the fellow community members and highly discerning women including other Nurses and Doctors! Not only did Rachel overdeliver on her promise to facilitate a top notch professional program, but she made it so much fun and gave out extra bonuses and tips while also answering ALL of my questions LIVE, or if I missed a session, she emailed me right back and I was able to catch the replay!

- Lisa from Louisiana, USA

I love Rachel Varga’s SkinCamps! There is nothing better than taking care of the inside, mentally, nutritionally and with physical activity to glow on the outside. Her SkinCamp programs reiterate the importance of the at-home and in-clinic aspects and she drops some serious celebrity skin expert tips fit for queens! I took her last Winter SkinCamp and can’t wait to make new seasonal adjustments based on her tips!

- Sarah from California, USA

I can’t wait to see YOU in Summer SkinCamp to help YOU get your face and body skin glassy and fuller hair this Summer!

Rachel Varga, BScN, RN, CANS, Double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist since 2011